tHe oBssEssioN

I did try to update the blog few days back after the last post but unfortunately i cannot made it. It was terrible things because my dear lappy system32 corrupt without knowing the exact reason. When the event happened I was typing for the new entry here and now I need to change a bit of what I did type before….hehe…

Allhamdulillah today it’s back to the old function after I install back with the windows CD. For sure I will feel bad since I did not save lots of files if it needed to format again. What I was trying to share with everyone from the postpone entry was about my new gadget. I know this thing is not a brand new item in the market but I was able to bought it now with my own salary. It was a real satisfaction….^^. Last Sunday myself and Fifi (my friend) went to Lowyat to survey for the price of my dream game console PSP3006.

my pearl white

Before this I did thought whether to use the money for brand new hand phone…PSP or camera. Finally the decision made after I asked lots of people. Everyone got their own reason why should I pick hand phone…PSP or camera. Some people said it was a very childish for a lady like me to pick a PSP but what to do. It can give me a satisfaction of playing a games. Now let’s back to the main story…huhu… I reached Bukit Bintang Monorail station at 11 o’clock and met Fifi at McD Bukit Bintang then we walk to lowyat. We did surveyed from one shop to another…from first floor to another floor…we did went to each shop with PSP console and asking for the price. I budget for around RM800 for it and I wanted the 8 G memory. It were a huge different of prices if we did compare from this shop with another one. After 1 hour and a half lodged around then we did stopped at this one place. The price was not so bad for the modified version but they just got black color for the version. Suddenly i did remembered one shop that I had surveyed before on April if I am not mistaken and we went there. But it still not open yet. The sales girl told us that it will open at 1-30pm. I decided to wait and take lunch first.

We went to Shikiya shop at the ground floor of Lowyat. It was not so bad with a nice price. a variety of place to be choose but at last we decide the place since it got offer with the meal set….hehe…Finish with lunch we went straight to the shop and asking for the price. It was not so bad since I got 8 G memory for PSP3006 at the price of RM810. The color also variety but I decided for pearl white since it use version 5.03 and looked nicer than the black or silver. I did want to take a purple color but need to add around RM35 if not mistaken. I had already more than my budget at the time but I think its okay to buy along the casing…rubber casing and the USB cable…all the thing will be useful later. Total of everything was around RM900 after I did convinced the salesman to give me the USB cable at a much cheaper price..hehe..the screen protector and earphone I will buy it later. I did choose games such as Bleach, Naruto , KOF (King of fighters), Grand Turismo, Need for speed undercover, Legend heroes and etc. After that we went to Sg Wang Plaza and went home. It was an excitement at the time and I play the games after reached home.

Suddenly it shutdown. I thought it due to the battery. So I charge it and took along for a night duty but the hope shattered after my senior try to play the game but cannot view the games file. At the moment I think it due to virus since I did serve the internet before that. Lucky me the internet not interrupted. I did ask my friend regarding what happened. Luckily he know what happened and instruct me to do all the things he know to hack back the system but it still did not work out. I ask him to leave a website to download the software to hack the PSP. When I reached home, I went straight away to the laptop and search for it. I download the thing but still not working ( thank God I did bought the USB cable that day if not need to go back to Lowyat to hack it and for sure will cost some money). I just could not think more due to sleepiness and leaved it and went to sleep. I did awake quite early at 12.30 noon and went through each posting from the forum and went to one web to another web and try all the things.

The first try did not work out. I could not remembered how many times I had try and almost wanted to give up and finally it working. I can play back all the games back. It was a relieved. At least, what happened that day did gave me a good lesson on how to hack back the whole thing. If not I will just make the shop more richer….hehehe…An hour later suddenly when I try to update about this new PSP the lappy suddenly shut and the files corrupt. I cannot fix it back at the time since the windows cd was left at my parent house. Thanks to my dear pearl white since I manage to open the facebook using it during the nonavailability of my lappy….(^^). Now already own my PSP… the next target is to collect money for the Nikon camera maybe…..^^



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2 responses to “tHe oBssEssioN

  1. KLM

    so high dream to have all the gadgets =] huhu :P….
    next nikon then next wii?? lolz…

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