oLd TreaSuRe ?!?

My family just move from our old house 2 months ago but I did not have time to take out all the items that I had kept in the box (lazy mode…huhuhu). Nowadays, most of my times I did spent in KL rather than my parents house. All due to pack working hours.The box did l ied near the bedside for 2 months without I had any effort to arrange the items inside of it. Last Friday I did not have much work to do and cannot sleep after a few hours been spent in front of the laptop downloading the Crisis core : final fantasy VII games  (freaking nice game with a cool graphic) from the internet and searching for some software. My sister did not keep back my comic to the box after she did read it and that was why I did open the box. So I opened up the box……


While I was taking out all the comics that I did bought since high schools time suddenly my eyes just focus at this small box. What did I found inside of it?!? I did found some old treasure that I had been collected during my primary school times. My stickers book (which I forgot to take the picture), collection cards of dragon ball, digimon and pokemon , naruto keychains and etc. All the 3 anime were such a huge hits during that time and I also influenced by it. I think it was the earliest anime that made me stick up to anime until today. What so nice about it is that all of it still look like new. If I am not mistaken all of it already been in my collection for almost 10 years. Such a long time already since it been bought.

It made me smile and remembered back all the primary school memories. During that time everyone got freak out with digimon and pokemon. Even though I am a prefect that time we still break the rules by bringing all the items to school…hehe. So now let it remain in the box. At least one day I can show it to my kids of what the famous things during my primary school times.I  will surely bring back a lot of memories also….huhuhu..If I sell it in ebay, do you think I can earn lots of money from it?!? * I wonder*…hehe..Here are some pictures of the cards. Hope you enjoy it. Maybe some of you did had the cards also.



I am sure all of you had also collected something during your school years and still kept it until today. So why dont you share it here…..^^



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10 responses to “oLd TreaSuRe ?!?

  1. qilah

    pindah mane lah skrg ikin?hehehe btw, u ade knal mane² dentist tak?i nak pkai braces tp nk cari yg cheaper..

    • pindah kt area dlm quarters kt klang tu jugak….dentist r?!?urm….not sure la…if cardiologist ramai la kenal….hehe…
      try to search dentist clinic area pudu cause pernah dengar some1 ckp kat sane nk cabut gigi murah…
      so maybe pasang braces murah gak kot…

  2. Aku dah lupa camne nak main menda ni… Tapi masa dulu2 sumpah tensen bila tengok cite dragon ball.. Time secene kemuncaak tu la dia nak sambung minggu depan… Rasa nak pecahkan TV je.. Huk3…

    • tu r aku pn xingat…aku ingat time tu kumpul gmbr best2 je….standard r tu…kalau tv kat Malaysia ni…confem xkan dapat tgk citer tu smpi habis if series tu pjg….huhu…

  3. KLM

    hmmm nice collection…mine all gone ad the sticker collection as i throw away few years back..onli left is the small collection of comic..of cos it wil have it prices when u sell it online..normally a rare sticker card or rare item from the anime collection will b worth alot =) sum day shud go ur hse n c the sticker huhu..:P…haha…reli miss those days when we crazy of this…

    • i still got my comic collections since 2ndry school but i dont know what happened to it nowadays since it been passover to my younger brother & he seem not keep it properly……
      those cards & sticker only got some left that been kept hidden in one small box….tats y it still been kept nicely…hehe
      yup me also miss those time too….everyone got crazy over this things….haha

  4. Found your site through Yahoo. I’ll be joining to your feed.

  5. Excellent post, I will be checking back regularly to look for updates. 🙂

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