The Vampire Diaries

Today was quite a busy and full of controversy day. Luckily my patient was all okay during my shift and no case coming for me to receive since I am suppose to take the 3rd case for the pm shift. Even though did not have much work to do as usual today but I did feel as if my energy been drained out by some sort of power…..huhuhu…(in short word I feel wanna sleep now). I did rushed back home today cause I wanted to watch Vampire Diaries drama series at 8tv. I did miss the early 2 episodes due to work night duty. So I am just hoping I will not miss this one. Not watching the drama from the beginning made me a bit puzzle about it.Luckily I did bought the novel Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith. They got discount for the novels. I had been thinking to buy it before and now I had bought it before I did know that it did had a drama series. I think the MPHonline got promotion and discount for this novel because of the 8TV want to release the drama on air. So maybe that will heat it up. My first impression about the drama is….Why Elena hair color did not suited the color been describe in the novel (suppose to be pale golden hair) and Stefan character not as charming as in the novel. But let it be cause that is only my opinion. Maybe for someone who did start with the drama will find it weird if the read the novel i guess….hehehe.. 

From my point of view, I think most of the director of either movies or drama is that they sometimes just can realized the imagination of the book author and try to make it slightly in their own way. Maybe some of it was a success like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Ring. Likewise the Eragon movie got a worse ending and did not match the story from the novel at all and it quite disappointed me since I start it with the novel and find the novel is more interesting compare to the movie.

I did bought 3 books for Vampire Diaries that are 1) The Awakening, 2) The Struggle, 3) The Fury & Dark reunion. Now I am still in progress of reading the first book. For those that had been reading L.J Smith novels before like NIGHT WORLD series, I am sure they will like this novel also. As for me all this dark creature that L.J Smith try to express in all her novels can get through my imagination as it is. It just totally wicked….>_<
For those who had watch Buffy Vampire Slayers and Angel, I think you guys will like this one too. The only difference is that this series do not have much action of fighting compare to Buffy and Angel. L.J Smith novel maybe more to romance of vampires and other dark creature (e.g. shapeshifer, werewolf and witch) and not to forget human….^^
I just did not know why did I really attracted to this kinda story because I just love it since the beginning especially since they start put Buffy The Vampire Slayers on air. It just happened around 10 years ago perhaps…hehe

Since I had already bought a bookshelf, I hope I can read up and fill up the books ,comics or novels and make a mini library in my room. Hope you guys enjoy with the drama since I just could not think I can follow it due to my unfix working schedule. It’s already 2am now. So I think I will continue back with playing the PSP and go to sleep. Do tell me what do you think about the drama if you watch it…cheers….(^_^)



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2 responses to “The Vampire Diaries

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. Came over to visit and saw the Vampire Diaries heading. Now, I don’t watch the show, but I can tell you this, it is filmed in my home town! No, I don’t live in Mystic, they just transform my little city into Mytic! Really cool having a popular series in your hometown!

    • Hi!Your welcome. Vampire diaries drama is filmed in your hometown? That was cool since it is a hit drama nowadays but unfortunately I cannot catch up with the drama since I am working in shift. Me too. I also did not believe much in mystic. I just love books by L.J Smith and her writing made me feel as if I had been part of the story. That is why I like her novels.

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