GermanY vs SpaiN

I am so full of spirit to watch match between Germany and Spain tonight and suddenly received call from my colleague asking to do morning duty instead of evening duty. At first I thought I was able to refuse but then another phone called followed and this time cannot refuse for certain reason…..hehehe…(I was blackmail if didnt come for morning duty germany will lose….no way I will allow that happened….huhuhu). They tell me to go sleep faster but I just could not do so since mentally set wanted to watch football tonight.

I am not really a big fan of football but when it comes to world cup and germany play for it I will surely watch the match if got the chances or else I will update the result.Scrub suit still not iron..clothes just been washed….still hungry for food…If they tell earlier maybe I will be more prepared but I just could not since it been set since evening though…Currently still waiting for the match and I just wanted to eat something and hope not gonna be so sleepy tomorrow morning….hehe…I will update tomorrow I hope…All the best to Germany….do your best Klose and all other player (i think Muller could not play for tonight game right?)…do not disappoint your fans…gambatte!!!!

If do not have the chance to watch can update from fifa website…It will be convenience if you cannot watch it….^^


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