HONDA – The Power Of Dreams

Football gonna end soon but unfortunately I cant watch match between Germany vs Uruguay or Netherlands vs Spain since I was on night duty. Germany lost to Spain last Wednesday. It was so disappointed to Germany’s fans out there including me. Paul the octopus prediction was accurate after all…hehe…They not performing as actively like during their match between England and Argentina. But what to do it just a rules of games there gonna be the one who win and lost. Just hope the Netherlands will win the final against Spain. Neither of them win will be the first time champion of the World Cup. The layout background also changed to Orenje color…huhu

Enough with the football, so lets continue with HONDA. Apparently my parents were talking about changing our current family car. So they list out a few cars brand of choice that for sure an Asia made car like Toyota, Hyundai and Honda. Each time we saw a car at the road site, we will compare it to another one. Finally they made up their mind and pick up Honda for the choice. Now the best part began, when they try to choose between Honda Accord, Honda City and Honda Civic. As for me I’ll certainly pick Honda Civic since it look more elegant and the shape is nicer compare to other two types. My neighbor had bought a Honda Accord car if I am not mistaken a grey metallic color which I am not really like because of the shape of course. My dad had asked for my opinion regarding the cars, so I just straight away said ” Honda Civic will be awesome, it looks nicer and did not look so big”.


Last two night, I had received a call from my mom and she said they had went to Honda car center and pick Honda Civic. I am not sure which Honda Civic since there are a few types of it that are Honda civic, honda civic hybrid and honda civic type R. Mum had told me which one but I just could not remember it since so excited to watch football that night….hehe..Just now I made a called home and my mom said it was honda civic 1.8 dark blue color. The dark blue color surely won the vote since everyone want the color except my mum and aunt who want a grey color. The higher vote will always be the winner…LOL..

I had went through the Honda Malaysia website and have a look at honda civic preview. The interior design is kinda futuristic shape or should I said look more aerodynamic? A spacious seats and just look admirable. The motto for Honda Civic was just so suitable for it that was CIVIC ” The Passion Of Life ”. The car will out around a month more as told by the retailer to my parents and goodbye to our Naza Citra car.You had been so useful to us all this time. We will get the car just nicely before Hari Raya I hope but myself for sure cannot go around with it since I might be working during that time…hehe… I will take a pictures of the car soon after we get it….^__^



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  1. Stumbled on your blog post via google the other day and absolutely like it so much. Carry on this fantastic work.

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