MaKe It YouRsELf

Just a random post here. A few times I had surveyed for a “make it yourself” table for my laptop so it will be easier and comforter to be online. I had went to carefour, jusco and econsave. They got lots of it but the price is not worth it. Some of it was to expensive but the deco was not that interesting and some was too expensive with a nice deco. I had budget for around RM50 only for it and did not want to over the limit. So still search for a budget price one…hehe.

At last found a nice table with a budget price that was RM48.50. Not so big and need a lil space only. I brought it back home and start to screw it up all by myself. What happened was I need to postpone to build it since my screwdriver spoiled after a few screwing at the table. Need to wait for another day and bought 2 extra screwdriver. Here a few pictures of the making of the computer table.

the box
the box
the components
the components
the attachments

the attachments

the uncomplete

the uncomplete

near to complete....LOL

near to complete...LOL



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4 responses to “MaKe It YouRsELf

  1. KLM

    hmm nid screwdriver meh..i tot normally this thing is wit easy allen key screw onli rite :)..anyway nicd table..where u buy?

  2. some part of it need allen key….another part need to used screwdriver which i need to used my strength to screw it….huhu…
    i bought at econsave only…

  3. KLM

    with ur full strength to screw til it broke..lolz..:p huhu

  4. not until broke la….the front part got spoiled only….haha

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