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The meaning of Freedom and Independent…^^

Jalur Gemilang

Our country will celebrate the 53rd independent day that was started from 31st August 1957. A lot of changes happened in our country and changes of the few Prime Ministers, to the development, the buildings and all sort of things that we cannot even thought 53 years ago. Of course I will never think of it since I had never even born yet that time. If we asked our dear grandparents what do they expected to see today, one of the for sure thing will be to see how free we can walk in our own country without being scared to be killed by enemy army. What we can see from the eyes of the youth today will definitely, independent would be a freedom to do anything we like without been any limit in it. This kinda thought happened cause we had never see the fears that encountered by the elderly before.

As for myself, Independent would definitely an ability for us to freely point out our thought and to live in our country the way we want it to be. I am sure everyone got their own opinion on independent themselves. For the older people, middle age people, youth and kids all got different ways of define the meaning of the country freedom. Likewise, I do not think everyone remember the country independent day if it is not advertise in the media and if you by surprise meet any of them on the road just ask how many years our country had been independent. I am sure some that concern might able to answer but if not never be surprised. Well I do not wanna bluff off to much. Just think for yourself what the meaning of freedom within yourself and country. For sure you will have your own thought of it. Just happy to wish everyone, Happy Independent day to all Malaysian…^^


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Healthy hobby to be practice…^^

early start

Habit or hobby of reading, it does not mean only in the library it could be anywhere either at home, public places or even  when you riding a public transports. The habit of reading among our society is such a rare one. It is not as often as you seen people using their hand phones or laptops. Compare to the other develop country like Europe instead we can always see the people bring  books anywhere they go. I always seen the tourist from outside, they always gonna bring a book whenever they travel. It is not a compulsory to bring your text book from college but it can be any books like religious book or novels.

The thing I tried to emphasize here would be that at least our brain did work out when we read something while we did not do anything. Rather than put your mind in blank spaces better fill it up with something. As for me I will prefer to read English novels since it did helped with my English vocabulary. I can learn lots of new words without even need to read the whole bunch of the dictionary for some words that I rarely encountered. I think the newspaper company also published their free newspaper around the public places. Doesn’t it the way to make everyone to start reading. We can also seen some advertisement from the television about making reading as a culture. Even a slightly reading can make you knowledgeable. At least can be aware of what happened in your surrounding if you read only a newspaper doesn’t it? They had also invented e-books this day to make reading as convenience  as it can. Continue reading

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23rd August 2010, 12.45 am.

Dear blog,

I had been so lazy to update my blog lately. I can assume because of lack of times and also busy with works. Nothing much special happened recently.  It had been almost two weeks since fasting month started. It surely made me feel how fast times pass by. Just last Sunday myself and my dear ex-college friends did went to hang out for ‘berbuka puasa’ together which is not as planned. Just a fast catch last minute plan. Luckily 3 of us made it and we went to Berjaya Times Square and had fun with our meals at the Johnny’s. An excellent meals after one whole day of fasting. I really like the tom yam soup thou.

Fifi also helped be bought my favourite Japanese drama series , CODE BLUE : DR HELICOPTER season 2 (I really like DR Aizawa from the series…I wish can meet that kinda awesome person also…LOL…^^) and still need times to watch it.

old diary
old diary

This week I had been so diligent cause I made up to finish 2 of the VAMPIRE DIARIES novels. Which I think was an excellent achievement for the busy week.

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MiNi CoopEr aNyOnE?!?

Just now the Italian job movie was on air at the local channel, TV3. The movie for sure was not bad at all for a nothing to do Friday night. What make me woo for this movie was the MINI COOPER car. I just love this car since back then. My dad used to own the old type of mini car before when I was still 3-4 years old. Ever since then I do love this one so much. It sure got a nice small body and was like so elegant. Don’t know how to describe it with words cause I really like it…LOL. I just wonder when I will be able to own this car since it is beyond my affordable list of car. Hope to win some lucky draw for it..hehe…After watch the movie I was wondering around the google to search some of the nice pictures of the lovely mini cooper to share here and also I did drop by at to read about the history of it. It had been on the road for 5o year. Little car that capture everyone eyes. You can read up at MINI.COM. Enjoy the view of it.

P/S : can I add the car to my birthday wish or maybe new year resolution….hehe

MINI mini cooper

mr bean car....always the famous one before...

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