23rd August 2010, 12.45 am.

Dear blog,

I had been so lazy to update my blog lately. I can assume because of lack of times and also busy with works. Nothing much special happened recently.  It had been almost two weeks since fasting month started. It surely made me feel how fast times pass by. Just last Sunday myself and my dear ex-college friends did went to hang out for ‘berbuka puasa’ together which is not as planned. Just a fast catch last minute plan. Luckily 3 of us made it and we went to Berjaya Times Square and had fun with our meals at the Johnny’s. An excellent meals after one whole day of fasting. I really like the tom yam soup thou.

Fifi also helped be bought my favourite Japanese drama series , CODE BLUE : DR HELICOPTER season 2 (I really like DR Aizawa from the series…I wish can meet that kinda awesome person also…LOL…^^) and still need times to watch it.

old diary
old diary

This week I had been so diligent cause I made up to finish 2 of the VAMPIRE DIARIES novels. Which I think was an excellent achievement for the busy week.

You might wonder why my entry heading is a bit different from the previous one…=D. This was probably got some influenced from reading Elena’s and Bonnie’s diaries. The thing that make it not the same would be “dear diary” and I started with my “dear blog” since I written inside the blog. While keep on reading the vampire diaries novel it catch my interest to start my own journal but that would be such a waste of times cause mine surely going to end up like Caroline novel, talking about others compare to your own life…hehe..So I will only stick up to blogging, which does not require me to waste my pen ink + a paper….=P…While I had read through until the 4th book of the vampire diaries, L.J Smith surely made me really attracted to Damon (even thou she describe him as a more to dark side compare to Stefan). Now almost finish with the 4th book, I need to buy 3 more continues book of it. It make me so excited to read it more. (P/S : Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Damon & Stefan are all character from the vampire diaries. You will surely know if you watch the drama or read the novel…^^)

Nothing much in mind to write more. So I better continue with attaching the dvd player to the television since I wanna continue watching code blue drama. My dad just noted me our honda civic car will available on Wednesday. I cannot wait to test drive the car the next time I go home plus I need to go shopping for Hari Raya even though no break from work during Hari Raya, which mean no fun but got extra money.Will update soon enough I hope.


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