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Let this do the talk

Today is 16th September it is my mum birthday (Happy birthday my dear mother…May Allah always bless you…^^) plus the Malaysian day. Actually I had made a long entry but unluckily I lost it in a blink because of an error. Now I don’t have any idea to write a lot here. So I just let the pictures tell the story of what happened before and during Raya celebration. While I do some experiment with Picasa 3 application, I did combined the pictures that I had taken. So here are some of the pictures….>>>

Happy Birthday Mum
shopping + break fasting
random raya pics
more random raya pics


some of kuih raya I bought

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Art Of The Wall

Last week, I had end up at this website HomeIdeasShop where there are bunch of creative wall stickers been sold out online . At the beginning I was just looking around from one stickers deco to another one and also price comparing. As I observing each of it and I had end up got attracted to it. The advertisement “the product is made from Korea” add on the attraction on it.So the step was easy. Pick which one you like and pay it online (of course you need to know the step for payment and feedback about the payment made….hehehe). So I had choose 2 wall stickers + postage payment (RM6) and it took few days to deliver since I made the shopping during the public holiday – during the nuzul quran day. Fortunately I went back home on Tuesday 31st August and received it on the next working day. Later that night without worried about working for the next day, I started to stick up the things on my apartment wall (which does not have anything yet on wall except big mirror….hik3).

flowers + branches + birds + butterfly = Cool deco…^^

The art of the stickers as what I had seen from the internet gave a satisfying result with the price. There are few other websites you can search for the wall stickers and can compare the prices. It sound a bit of expensive but the thing got a good quality compare to the cheap one at the hypermarket. Maybe I would like to shops some other deco later and made my apt wall so unique with art…hehe…^^.


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HappY Eid-ul Fitr

selamat hari rayaA month of fasting it surely pass by really fast. There are only 4 more days left to fasting before we celebrate Eid-ul Fitr or “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. Lucky for me since this year I still got a break for the celebration. Actually I had prepare physically and mentally for celebrating it at the ward but suddenly they give a break. Even though only for 3 days but my mum said that was more than enough for the whole family to gather around. Unfortunately my big brother will not join us for Hari Raya since he on stand by for that day.

Dad already got the car (Honda Civic) but I still did not have time to test drive it yet. Maybe later. The pictures as promise I will take it soon. Actually the color that been pick up is not blue, it is dark metallic grey. So this is our Raya car indeed….hehehe….5 more days but I did not shopping yet anything. Not much energy after working hours to spend for shopping plus now I am sure there will be crowds anywhere for Raya shopping especially at Jalan TAR, Masjid Jamek and Sogo. Tomorrow myself and Fifi will go for shopping but surely not at those places mention. Too many crowds make me feel breathless…huhu.. I need to search for my novels. There will be a need for it soon cause I had already start with Beautiful Creature novel now.

The shopping list will be some clothes, novels and the body shops perfume. This because one of my patient use the body shops perfume that give me an urge to own one also…huhu..I heard from my friends that Step up 3 movie also was not so bad but I am still not sure whether wanna go for a movie or not tomorrow. Well better off now cause I need to do my laundry or else there will be a pile of its not done. I would like to take this chances to wish Happy Eid-ul Fitr or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to every Muslims in the whole worlds. Do enjoy yourself during the day and never eat to much okay…hehehe…..^^


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