Imperfection to perfection but nothing is really perfect

I just arrived home from worked and my muscle already aching. Last night I was so damn busy with lots of stuff need to do with the patients and I cannot barely even sit down. The only time I got a chances to sit was during charting my chart and when I ate my supper. That’s it FULL STOP. After done with the early morning stuff like sponging and etc, suddenly my patient condition was not doing any better. The on call doctor had try his best to ordered me with the medication until the maximum support. To the unlucky me this early morning it did not help with it at all. My am staff should thank me like wise cause after started with the medications and all now the blood pressure did increase slowly after I done passing over report. Most of my colleague did not want to enter to my patient room since it was an isolation room. So I just ordering them with the meds that ordered by doctor and give it all alone inside. Feel like damn lonely for a while that time but nothing more that I can do at that time. Only pray and pray and pray.

Put aside all this side story above. The main thing I wanna said here is about my next shift colleague. I did respect her because she always want anything to be perfect plus she is my senior and I can understand that since I am also that kinda of person but I know my limit. Honestly to said the way she always talk like she is perfect but whenever we see her job there is also an error in her doing.This morning she tried to accost me about a tiny little thing that actually should be blame towards the person that put the paper and not me. I do admit that I should fill the form up but I really did not notice it yesterday night since like hell I don’t even have a time to linger around and chit chatting with my fellow friends. I don’t want a talk back and said “did you know that I don’t even have time for a nice sit last night”. But when I think back I should not said that kinda thing since I respect her as a more senior fellows and I regret my mistake. The one that I am not satisfied is that she said she did not want to see me do it again and that is fine with me but can she guarantee that she will not do the same thing I did? I know her intention was good but I did feel kinda piss off at the moment since I was so tired with everything that happened this morning.

I admitted my false here and I hope I will improve myself cause human always best at learning from their mistake isn’t? That is why I had always bare in mind that we as human always want anything to be perfect but are we perfect? Cause nothing is perfect and complete in this world. Every little thing and every little being had their own limitation and gifts.  Even a most richest person in the world will still feel they are not perfect.The only thing in this World that is perfect is our Creator.



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