My WilLiE….^^

Finally I had found my “sweetheart”…so fluffy, cute, whitish and sporty…^^

Never got a wrong idea who’s this might be cause it is just my first car…

This car even though it is not a 1st hand car but I just kinda “fall in love at the first sight” after I saw it…my parents also did and we just got no objection to choose it from my dream car suzuki swift….huhu

I would like to name it WilLiE, a combination of the plat no. and my recent novel character that I just read…

but I thought out for another name that more japanese freak like me always consider that will be MOKONA since it just cute like mokona character…I should say it is a white mokona version instead of black one….^^

Here got few pics that I had edited with online application…..


willie II

back view

side view

Hope I will have a nice time with WilLiE @ Mokona…do be gentle and nice with me….TQ


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