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SPeeD?!? I started to feel weird of it…

usa chan and kuma chan from Ouran Koukou hostobu

Hope it’s still not to late to wish my fellow friends out there that celebrate Chinese New Year. Wish a Happy Chinese New Year hope this year gonna be a great and prosperous one (CNY always remind me of prosperity burger…hehe). Back to the main topic, honestly if we talk about speed over here, I would definitely be one of those fella who is so freak when people try to drive so fast when I just the passenger. Like how mum always said, “don’t drive too fast, slowly and steady is better”.

But recently after I own a car that I drive it myself, I did notice when I speed up to more than 100km/hour it seems like superb cool. We cant seems to feel the speed out there. Commonly before this I just used to ride a bike and 70km/hr seems to be too fast for me with the breeze of air out there. The chills also made me slow down plus my bike is not a superbike that meant to ride more than 100km/hr…hehe…It was just the feeling but I wont think I will drive more than 110km/hr since I will felt freak myself inside my dear WilLiE….LOL

I guess it was due to the sport engine implanted in the car that made it feels great to drive so fast but I always bare in mind my mum words that try to be steady and mind everyone around you. Well that’s it for now. Started to feel sleepy after a meal (bad attitude d’oh…LOL). A chat friend of mine told me to get usa chan (rabbit plushie) since its the rabbit year this Chinese New Year. Can anyone buy it for me as a gift? That would be more valuable right?…hehe

usa chan


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My WilLiE….^^

Finally I had found my “sweetheart”…so fluffy, cute, whitish and sporty…^^

Never got a wrong idea who’s this might be cause it is just my first car…

This car even though it is not a 1st hand car but I just kinda “fall in love at the first sight” after I saw it…my parents also did and we just got no objection to choose it from my dream car suzuki swift….huhu

I would like to name it WilLiE, a combination of the plat no. and my recent novel character that I just read…

but I thought out for another name that more japanese freak like me always consider that will be MOKONA since it just cute like mokona character…I should say it is a white mokona version instead of black one….^^

Here got few pics that I had edited with online application…..


willie II

back view

side view

Hope I will have a nice time with WilLiE @ Mokona…do be gentle and nice with me….TQ

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New Year’s ResoLutioN…..^^

Happy new year everyone….(^^,)..Just a few hours more before 2011.Undoubtedly every single one of us should have a few aims for the up coming year, that would be a few hours more. Some will carry forward the unachievable aim this year and sort of. What are my resolution for this new year?

Actually I just thought about it 2 days back when I saw a few post about new year resolution at the facebook….LOL…(times sure fly by rapidly before us and now its another year…that’s mean another year older…hate that…hehe)..I am not particularly had any bombastic resolutions like you guys or anyone got yourself with. It is just enough for me to be logically or practically able to achieve it right on time I guess….

My 2011 aims will be :-

(1) own a car ( i10 not a bad choice at the moment)

(2) buy a notebook (no specific brand at times yet)

(3) increase my savings

(4) a ps3 go (maybe)

(5) can do a coronary care nursing post basic course (I hope so)

(6) can spend a better quality times with my family

(7) can traveling to some other place (I really wish for it)

(8) meet a “Knight with a white horse + a carriage” …LOL..(maybe)

(9) increase my books collection & get time to read it

(10) hope can have a good relationship with everyone around me

(11) to be a better knowledgeable nurse for my patients and myself

(12) leading a healthy & more quality life

I think that’s it for the moment. I’ll add it up when I think it would be necessary. So what’s your new year aim would be?

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MiNi CoopEr aNyOnE?!?

Just now the Italian job movie was on air at the local channel, TV3. The movie for sure was not bad at all for a nothing to do Friday night. What make me woo for this movie was the MINI COOPER car. I just love this car since back then. My dad used to own the old type of mini car before when I was still 3-4 years old. Ever since then I do love this one so much. It sure got a nice small body and was like so elegant. Don’t know how to describe it with words cause I really like it…LOL. I just wonder when I will be able to own this car since it is beyond my affordable list of car. Hope to win some lucky draw for it..hehe…After watch the movie I was wondering around the google to search some of the nice pictures of the lovely mini cooper to share here and also I did drop by at to read about the history of it. It had been on the road for 5o year. Little car that capture everyone eyes. You can read up at MINI.COM. Enjoy the view of it.

P/S : can I add the car to my birthday wish or maybe new year resolution….hehe

MINI mini cooper

mr bean car....always the famous one before...

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HONDA – The Power Of Dreams

Football gonna end soon but unfortunately I cant watch match between Germany vs Uruguay or Netherlands vs Spain since I was on night duty. Germany lost to Spain last Wednesday. It was so disappointed to Germany’s fans out there including me. Paul the octopus prediction was accurate after all…hehe…They not performing as actively like during their match between England and Argentina. But what to do it just a rules of games there gonna be the one who win and lost. Just hope the Netherlands will win the final against Spain. Neither of them win will be the first time champion of the World Cup. The layout background also changed to Orenje color…huhu

Enough with the football, so lets continue with HONDA. Apparently my parents were talking about changing our current family car. So they list out a few cars brand of choice that for sure an Asia made car like Toyota, Hyundai and Honda. Each time we saw a car at the road site, we will compare it to another one. Finally they made up their mind and pick up Honda for the choice. Now the best part began, when they try to choose between Honda Accord, Honda City and Honda Civic. As for me I’ll certainly pick Honda Civic since it look more elegant and the shape is nicer compare to other two types. My neighbor had bought a Honda Accord car if I am not mistaken a grey metallic color which I am not really like because of the shape of course. My dad had asked for my opinion regarding the cars, so I just straight away said ” Honda Civic will be awesome, it looks nicer and did not look so big”.

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