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a NeW StEp

This is for sure not my first blog ever. It is the second blog. The first one already been deleted since I just do not have times and internet connection that time was very poor (if not mistaken i had not been blogging for almost 2 years). 0.(0_0).0…

The interest just got back to me after I read a few blogs lately and it’s kinda give me an urge to start back from the beginning. Sharing experiences and pictures with friends and others sure can developed interest of reading among people, right? So that made me feels like wanted to share something useful to everyone also.

First of all why did i choose English as my main medium for the blog? I am sure that people will wonder since most of the blogger like to use their mother tongue as a main language for their blog.  Actually I just love to master languages by writing since we seldom use the language in our daily living. As for me I only sharpen my English language by speaking with my foreigners colleague and in my work place everything are written in English. It like a compulsory to know English to write every little documentation in my working place. The other reason are to make this blog readable by everyone worldwide and also seems like we helping each others to make our English better isn’ it? Maybe my language is not as perfect as an English teacher but hopefully it is understandable by everyone.  Just do tell me if i did make a mistake in my writing. For sure I’ll use mix language with my mother tongue that is Malay language and also few languages that I know a bit of it. I know its a bad habit of Malaysian but it just getting to our culture…so it’s not so bad with following the trend but not to overboard of course…hehe…(^_^)…okay enough with this issue.

Now let’s back to the development of passion to start again a blog. Recently I had been reading my friends blogs and some other people blog also. So I just wonder around at all this interesting blogs (Justkhai, Anggerik di tangkai mawar, Tasty Miso, Khairulhakim++ONLINE , Color’s diary & etc).Each one of it got a different main perspective of what they try to point and share with the viewers. For me every blogger have their own unique way on how to express their point of view in their respective blogs. I just hope that I can give such a good information through my writing.

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