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SPeeD?!? I started to feel weird of it…

usa chan and kuma chan from Ouran Koukou hostobu

Hope it’s still not to late to wish my fellow friends out there that celebrate Chinese New Year. Wish a Happy Chinese New Year hope this year gonna be a great and prosperous one (CNY always remind me of prosperity burger…hehe). Back to the main topic, honestly if we talk about speed over here, I would definitely be one of those fella who is so freak when people try to drive so fast when I just the passenger. Like how mum always said, “don’t drive too fast, slowly and steady is better”.

But recently after I own a car that I drive it myself, I did notice when I speed up to more than 100km/hour it seems like superb cool. We cant seems to feel the speed out there. Commonly before this I just used to ride a bike and 70km/hr seems to be too fast for me with the breeze of air out there. The chills also made me slow down plus my bike is not a superbike that meant to ride more than 100km/hr…hehe…It was just the feeling but I wont think I will drive more than 110km/hr since I will felt freak myself inside my dear WilLiE….LOL

I guess it was due to the sport engine implanted in the car that made it feels great to drive so fast but I always bare in mind my mum words that try to be steady and mind everyone around you. Well that’s it for now. Started to feel sleepy after a meal (bad attitude d’oh…LOL). A chat friend of mine told me to get usa chan (rabbit plushie) since its the rabbit year this Chinese New Year. Can anyone buy it for me as a gift? That would be more valuable right?…hehe

usa chan


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Last words


Frankly speaking people can laugh out about what others might said now without knowing that those word might be the last of it. Taking care of critically ill patient did expose me with a lot of this kinda of situation. I had seen several people who try to joke around with us by saying this might be their last meal or I wanna this but we did not allow them to have it and in the end their joke seems to be the fact than joke itself. Sometimes whenever all this kinda critically ill person said something for me the spouse or children should listen to what their last will.

I did see some children who carried out their parents last will as it suppose to since some of them had reached the golden age like 70-80 years old and above. So what more did they expect from them when they try to make them alive just practically alive but cannot mentally do anything. Their body system just cannot cope anymore with what they wanna do. It kinda of upset when I did saw they didnt actually follow their parents last will. Sometimes whenever I took care of this kinda of patient I always thought how suffer they are. Cannot speak, eat, walk, move freely as they will. Just imagine you cannot do anything as what your mind want you to do when there is no slight chances to cure itself. Just do bare in mind that our body had its own limit to everything and we are not immortal being.

If those patient is the kinda that can cure it might be okay but imagine the geriatric person. In the end most of them just expanding their life without having any qualities of it as it suppose too and the relatives just please do not try to blame others since we are not God who can take anyone life as we will. All we can do is pray and we try to do our best in taking care of them. Verbal will might not a something with black & white on the paper but at least we should respect it.

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Clockwork Angel Book One….I need the 2nd book A.S.A.P…(>_<)

Clockwork Angel

The first book for the new year that I managed to finish today. It took me a week (cause busy with working & etc) to finish it up. I am so in love with Cassandra Clare way of writing. Even though I am not a big fan of late 19 centuries (this book is story within year of 1878) but she just made me really fall in love with the two Shadowhunters from the story. Of course it were Jem and Will. Even both the nephilim,William Harondale seems more beauty than James Carstair but Jem still the first one in my list. The reason cause he was a mix of Chinese and English, so imagine how unique he might look just put aside that illness of him…hehe…(if I was Tessa I would rather choose him…*blushing*). Honestly this book was an excellent job by Cassandra. I really felt as if I was drag back at the years of 1878, with the main character Tessa Gray, who a big fan of novels (which is why I think I love it cause she was a book freak like me….hehe). The way all the characters been described was quite good. I just can have a good pictures of how Charlotte, Henry, Jessamine, Sophie, Nathaniel and others look and act. Overall I think it was a great book for the lovers of supernatural books even it is not mainly about vamps or werewolves (a bit different world but still involving them) plus still got romantic part in it (the absolute for the forbidden relation…lol). 4 out of 5 stars for the book…^^… I can’t wait for the second book to be published and sell here. I really enjoy it and hope you all might enjoy it as well. Now moving to the next book Beautiful Darkness ( also love the first book Beautiful Creature)…(^^)


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New Year’s ResoLutioN…..^^

Happy new year everyone….(^^,)..Just a few hours more before 2011.Undoubtedly every single one of us should have a few aims for the up coming year, that would be a few hours more. Some will carry forward the unachievable aim this year and sort of. What are my resolution for this new year?

Actually I just thought about it 2 days back when I saw a few post about new year resolution at the facebook….LOL…(times sure fly by rapidly before us and now its another year…that’s mean another year older…hate that…hehe)..I am not particularly had any bombastic resolutions like you guys or anyone got yourself with. It is just enough for me to be logically or practically able to achieve it right on time I guess….

My 2011 aims will be :-

(1) own a car ( i10 not a bad choice at the moment)

(2) buy a notebook (no specific brand at times yet)

(3) increase my savings

(4) a ps3 go (maybe)

(5) can do a coronary care nursing post basic course (I hope so)

(6) can spend a better quality times with my family

(7) can traveling to some other place (I really wish for it)

(8) meet a “Knight with a white horse + a carriage” …LOL..(maybe)

(9) increase my books collection & get time to read it

(10) hope can have a good relationship with everyone around me

(11) to be a better knowledgeable nurse for my patients and myself

(12) leading a healthy & more quality life

I think that’s it for the moment. I’ll add it up when I think it would be necessary. So what’s your new year aim would be?

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Instinct is it trustable?!?

I do believe everyone will got some instinct about something they gonna do. Sometimes it is reliable and sometimes it is not. For myself I kinda believe what this little thought or instinct of mine always tell me. I just could not explained it how since it always came naturally to me whenever I need to decide on something. The decision instinct based made not always wisely taken but how can I explained it since how I feel always turn out to be the decision that should be decided then. It is kinda complex to describe it in words because whenever others asked me bout it I just cannot bluff out that it was my instinct that tell me too. They will surely laugh out.

Decision based making should always mean to have the wise and trustful choices rather than instinct itself. Whatever decision I would make definitely based on the choices and my instinct and the most important part is pray to God to lead me for a calm decision making. I guess that is it. Hope this decision is the best for myself and hope others will understand me cause they know whenever I had decided something there is no second words for it. I believe this is the right one. Amin.

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