New Year’s ResoLutioN…..^^

Happy new year everyone….(^^,)..Just a few hours more before 2011.Undoubtedly every single one of us should have a few aims for the up coming year, that would be a few hours more. Some will carry forward the unachievable aim this year and sort of. What are my resolution for this new year?

Actually I just thought about it 2 days back when I saw a few post about new year resolution at the facebook….LOL…(times sure fly by rapidly before us and now its another year…that’s mean another year older…hate that…hehe)..I am not particularly had any bombastic resolutions like you guys or anyone got yourself with. It is just enough for me to be logically or practically able to achieve it right on time I guess….

My 2011 aims will be :-

(1) own a car ( i10 not a bad choice at the moment)

(2) buy a notebook (no specific brand at times yet)

(3) increase my savings

(4) a ps3 go (maybe)

(5) can do a coronary care nursing post basic course (I hope so)

(6) can spend a better quality times with my family

(7) can traveling to some other place (I really wish for it)

(8) meet a “Knight with a white horse + a carriage” …LOL..(maybe)

(9) increase my books collection & get time to read it

(10) hope can have a good relationship with everyone around me

(11) to be a better knowledgeable nurse for my patients and myself

(12) leading a healthy & more quality life

I think that’s it for the moment. I’ll add it up when I think it would be necessary. So what’s your new year aim would be?


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Instinct is it trustable?!?

I do believe everyone will got some instinct about something they gonna do. Sometimes it is reliable and sometimes it is not. For myself I kinda believe what this little thought or instinct of mine always tell me. I just could not explained it how since it always came naturally to me whenever I need to decide on something. The decision instinct based made not always wisely taken but how can I explained it since how I feel always turn out to be the decision that should be decided then. It is kinda complex to describe it in words because whenever others asked me bout it I just cannot bluff out that it was my instinct that tell me too. They will surely laugh out.

Decision based making should always mean to have the wise and trustful choices rather than instinct itself. Whatever decision I would make definitely based on the choices and my instinct and the most important part is pray to God to lead me for a calm decision making. I guess that is it. Hope this decision is the best for myself and hope others will understand me cause they know whenever I had decided something there is no second words for it. I believe this is the right one. Amin.

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Magical Movies That I Always Waiting.

The Chronicles oF Narnia vs Harry Potter

I had been lazy to update the blog lately. I just enjoyed the fun of reading others blog rather than updating mine. Lack of general idea to update the blog plus busy with work and whenever I reached home the only thing I do only surfing internet for facebooking and manga reading. It was due to lethargy from the night duty I guess because I had been doing night duty quite often this day. Yesterday finally got times for a movie which I had been “dying” to watch since past 2 weeks. Finally had a movie marathon of two magical movie of the year ( can be crown as that I guess ) at the Times Square shopping centre. First I, my friend and her siblings went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow part 1 which turn out to be nice but with so much emotions mix up among the trios. There was less magical creature and magic compare to the previous movie but the plot of the story was still not so bad. I did still enjoy it till the end but as it mention PART 1 so the story was a bit hang on the way. After that we continue watching The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage Of The Dawn Trader and it was fantastic with so many magical effect. Only a bit disappointed that the elder brother and sister was not along in the adventures like the previous 2 movies. The best part of it would definitely gonna be the Prince Caspian and Aslan…hehe..I like the part when Lucy found the book of the incarnation. It would be awesome if there was such a book in the world. Among those two movies I give Narnia the vote for the best even I am the diehard fan of Harry Potter because it more magical and I watch the 3D movie…hehe. But like one of my friend did mention in his facebook post was that the best part among both of the movies was the watching the trailer for TRON movie. It like got some sort of attraction that invite us to watch it too. A day without work sure give the brain time to relax from the mass of work and hope next week I got a chance to use my annual leave balance for a break at seaside with my family. Hope gonna get some inspiration to write down here.


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No Ending

A child sleeping.

Good sleep to gain energy

Life had been so busy lately with works. Only got home to realize that I had spend time for some nice sleep 7-8 hours. 2 months without television at home sure were boring cause I cannot watch any drama or cartoon even though I did not have time for television watching lately. Times sure spend so much with internet and reading online manga even on off days. My PSP sure got abandoned inside my container box since I forgot its existence (only grab once in a while when traveling home by train). My new books collection had reached 6 books untouched with 4 still with plastic wraps. Just got the obsessive to buy books whenever I go to bookstores and online book views cause what I always emphasize to myself is that I need to reward myself with something after a month hard work. Then there are few untouched books on the cupboard line up…hehehe…^^. It just not the bookstores only cause whenever I dropped by at 7 Eleven for something I will surely bought along some new comics I saw. Now I am keep up some money for a new television and cellphone since the old one had already got problems. I had already used it for 2 years plus 2 years my dad used it so it had been 4 years old if it is a living thing…=). I think everyone sure got a way to reward yourself too, am I  right? After a month of hard work it sure satisfied to give our self something in the end of it.



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I need….

I need a wing to fly away over the universe

I need a light to enlighten everything

I need a nose to inhale the O2 and CO2

I need the eyes that can see through you

I need the ears that can listen and keep the truth

I need a mouth that can speak only true

I need the hand that when touch can cure

I need legs that lead me to the right destination

I need skin that cover my every skeletons

I need a brain that can help everything function as it suppose

I need what it takes to be a human….^^

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Food vs Time

Yesterday I had experienced one of the worse day ever without eating or drink anything for almost 12 HOURS and keep doing works non stop. I had almost felt hypoglycemic at the moment and thanks to my senior for giving me time & some food to eat that evening. I had not intended for not eating that late but whenever I planned to eat there will always been some barrier at that time. The ward was so  busy yesterday. Since morning until evening there were works to do non stop. I had also skipped my morning meal + lunch and only eat at 6.30 pm and later skipped my dinner and only awake at 3 am to eat it.

I had not intended to skip my lunch again today but I was so tired and asleep until 2.30pm. Sometimes I am also worried with this huge changes of meal time plus I got my gastric attack lately for my bad meal timing. Workload had been so bad lately with a very critically ill patients that need your eyes on them all the time. Even been paid for some extra money for the extra workloads that definitely not giving my body enough time for some nice rest. This kind of complain not only from myself but my others colleague also said the same things. Whenever we reached home the only thing we do care was only sleep & rest. For us the bachelor sure gonna be fine but the married person it sure gonna be tougher for them to cope with family and house workloads.

By the end of the months I am surely no need to worry much of gaining some weight but for sure losing some. Even I am a huge fans of foods but this kind of unmanageable timing for meals sure not good for my health. Next time I hope can manage my timing for even a slightly meal whenever it was so busy with works. Aja-aja fighting….^^

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Imperfection to perfection but nothing is really perfect

I just arrived home from worked and my muscle already aching. Last night I was so damn busy with lots of stuff need to do with the patients and I cannot barely even sit down. The only time I got a chances to sit was during charting my chart and when I ate my supper. That’s it FULL STOP. After done with the early morning stuff like sponging and etc, suddenly my patient condition was not doing any better. The on call doctor had try his best to ordered me with the medication until the maximum support. To the unlucky me this early morning it did not help with it at all. My am staff should thank me like wise cause after started with the medications and all now the blood pressure did increase slowly after I done passing over report. Most of my colleague did not want to enter to my patient room since it was an isolation room. So I just ordering them with the meds that ordered by doctor and give it all alone inside. Feel like damn lonely for a while that time but nothing more that I can do at that time. Only pray and pray and pray.

Put aside all this side story above. The main thing I wanna said here is about Continue reading

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