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Food vs Time

Yesterday I had experienced one of the worse day ever without eating or drink anything for almost 12 HOURS and keep doing works non stop. I had almost felt hypoglycemic at the moment and thanks to my senior for giving me time & some food to eat that evening. I had not intended for not eating that late but whenever I planned to eat there will always been some barrier at that time. The ward was so  busy yesterday. Since morning until evening there were works to do non stop. I had also skipped my morning meal + lunch and only eat at 6.30 pm and later skipped my dinner and only awake at 3 am to eat it.

I had not intended to skip my lunch again today but I was so tired and asleep until 2.30pm. Sometimes I am also worried with this huge changes of meal time plus I got my gastric attack lately for my bad meal timing. Workload had been so bad lately with a very critically ill patients that need your eyes on them all the time. Even been paid for some extra money for the extra workloads that definitely not giving my body enough time for some nice rest. This kind of complain not only from myself but my others colleague also said the same things. Whenever we reached home the only thing we do care was only sleep & rest. For us the bachelor sure gonna be fine but the married person it sure gonna be tougher for them to cope with family and house workloads.

By the end of the months I am surely no need to worry much of gaining some weight but for sure losing some. Even I am a huge fans of foods but this kind of unmanageable timing for meals sure not good for my health. Next time I hope can manage my timing for even a slightly meal whenever it was so busy with works. Aja-aja fighting….^^


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