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Healthy hobby to be practice…^^

early start

Habit or hobby of reading, it does not mean only in the library it could be anywhere either at home, public places or even  when you riding a public transports. The habit of reading among our society is such a rare one. It is not as often as you seen people using their hand phones or laptops. Compare to the other develop country like Europe instead we can always see the people bring  books anywhere they go. I always seen the tourist from outside, they always gonna bring a book whenever they travel. It is not a compulsory to bring your text book from college but it can be any books like religious book or novels.

The thing I tried to emphasize here would be that at least our brain did work out when we read something while we did not do anything. Rather than put your mind in blank spaces better fill it up with something. As for me I will prefer to read English novels since it did helped with my English vocabulary. I can learn lots of new words without even need to read the whole bunch of the dictionary for some words that I rarely encountered. I think the newspaper company also published their free newspaper around the public places. Doesn’t it the way to make everyone to start reading. We can also seen some advertisement from the television about making reading as a culture. Even a slightly reading can make you knowledgeable. At least can be aware of what happened in your surrounding if you read only a newspaper doesn’t it? They had also invented e-books this day to make reading as convenience  as it can. Continue reading


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