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Magical Movies That I Always Waiting.

The Chronicles oF Narnia vs Harry Potter

I had been lazy to update the blog lately. I just enjoyed the fun of reading others blog rather than updating mine. Lack of general idea to update the blog plus busy with work and whenever I reached home the only thing I do only surfing internet for facebooking and manga reading. It was due to lethargy from the night duty I guess because I had been doing night duty quite often this day. Yesterday finally got times for a movie which I had been “dying” to watch since past 2 weeks. Finally had a movie marathon of two magical movie of the year ( can be crown as that I guess ) at the Times Square shopping centre. First I, my friend and her siblings went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow part 1 which turn out to be nice but with so much emotions mix up among the trios. There was less magical creature and magic compare to the previous movie but the plot of the story was still not so bad. I did still enjoy it till the end but as it mention PART 1 so the story was a bit hang on the way. After that we continue watching The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage Of The Dawn Trader and it was fantastic with so many magical effect. Only a bit disappointed that the elder brother and sister was not along in the adventures like the previous 2 movies. The best part of it would definitely gonna be the Prince Caspian and Aslan…hehe..I like the part when Lucy found the book of the incarnation. It would be awesome if there was such a book in the world. Among those two movies I give Narnia the vote for the best even I am the diehard fan of Harry Potter because it more magical and I watch the 3D movie…hehe. But like one of my friend did mention in his facebook post was that the best part among both of the movies was the watching the trailer for TRON movie. It like got some sort of attraction that invite us to watch it too. A day without work sure give the brain time to relax from the mass of work and hope next week I got a chance to use my annual leave balance for a break at seaside with my family. Hope gonna get some inspiration to write down here.



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