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Last words


Frankly speaking people can laugh out about what others might said now without knowing that those word might be the last of it. Taking care of critically ill patient did expose me with a lot of this kinda of situation. I had seen several people who try to joke around with us by saying this might be their last meal or I wanna this but we did not allow them to have it and in the end their joke seems to be the fact than joke itself. Sometimes whenever all this kinda critically ill person said something for me the spouse or children should listen to what their last will.

I did see some children who carried out their parents last will as it suppose to since some of them had reached the golden age like 70-80 years old and above. So what more did they expect from them when they try to make them alive just practically alive but cannot mentally do anything. Their body system just cannot cope anymore with what they wanna do. It kinda of upset when I did saw they didnt actually follow their parents last will. Sometimes whenever I took care of this kinda of patient I always thought how suffer they are. Cannot speak, eat, walk, move freely as they will. Just imagine you cannot do anything as what your mind want you to do when there is no slight chances to cure itself. Just do bare in mind that our body had its own limit to everything and we are not immortal being.

If those patient is the kinda that can cure it might be okay but imagine the geriatric person. In the end most of them just expanding their life without having any qualities of it as it suppose too and the relatives just please do not try to blame others since we are not God who can take anyone life as we will. All we can do is pray and we try to do our best in taking care of them. Verbal will might not a something with black & white on the paper but at least we should respect it.


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Food vs Time

Yesterday I had experienced one of the worse day ever without eating or drink anything for almost 12 HOURS and keep doing works non stop. I had almost felt hypoglycemic at the moment and thanks to my senior for giving me time & some food to eat that evening. I had not intended for not eating that late but whenever I planned to eat there will always been some barrier at that time. The ward was so  busy yesterday. Since morning until evening there were works to do non stop. I had also skipped my morning meal + lunch and only eat at 6.30 pm and later skipped my dinner and only awake at 3 am to eat it.

I had not intended to skip my lunch again today but I was so tired and asleep until 2.30pm. Sometimes I am also worried with this huge changes of meal time plus I got my gastric attack lately for my bad meal timing. Workload had been so bad lately with a very critically ill patients that need your eyes on them all the time. Even been paid for some extra money for the extra workloads that definitely not giving my body enough time for some nice rest. This kind of complain not only from myself but my others colleague also said the same things. Whenever we reached home the only thing we do care was only sleep & rest. For us the bachelor sure gonna be fine but the married person it sure gonna be tougher for them to cope with family and house workloads.

By the end of the months I am surely no need to worry much of gaining some weight but for sure losing some. Even I am a huge fans of foods but this kind of unmanageable timing for meals sure not good for my health. Next time I hope can manage my timing for even a slightly meal whenever it was so busy with works. Aja-aja fighting….^^

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Imperfection to perfection but nothing is really perfect

I just arrived home from worked and my muscle already aching. Last night I was so damn busy with lots of stuff need to do with the patients and I cannot barely even sit down. The only time I got a chances to sit was during charting my chart and when I ate my supper. That’s it FULL STOP. After done with the early morning stuff like sponging and etc, suddenly my patient condition was not doing any better. The on call doctor had try his best to ordered me with the medication until the maximum support. To the unlucky me this early morning it did not help with it at all. My am staff should thank me like wise cause after started with the medications and all now the blood pressure did increase slowly after I done passing over report. Most of my colleague did not want to enter to my patient room since it was an isolation room. So I just ordering them with the meds that ordered by doctor and give it all alone inside. Feel like damn lonely for a while that time but nothing more that I can do at that time. Only pray and pray and pray.

Put aside all this side story above. The main thing I wanna said here is about Continue reading

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