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MiNi CoopEr aNyOnE?!?

Just now the Italian job movie was on air at the local channel, TV3. The movie for sure was not bad at all for a nothing to do Friday night. What make me woo for this movie was the MINI COOPER car. I just love this car since back then. My dad used to own the old type of mini car before when I was still 3-4 years old. Ever since then I do love this one so much. It sure got a nice small body and was like so elegant. Don’t know how to describe it with words cause I really like it…LOL. I just wonder when I will be able to own this car since it is beyond my affordable list of car. Hope to win some lucky draw for it..hehe…After watch the movie I was wondering around the google to search some of the nice pictures of the lovely mini cooper to share here and also I did drop by at mini.com to read about the history of it. It had been on the road for 5o year. Little car that capture everyone eyes. You can read up at MINI.COM. Enjoy the view of it.

P/S : can I add the car to my birthday wish or maybe new year resolution….hehe

MINI mini cooper

mr bean car....always the famous one before...

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