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The meaning of Freedom and Independent…^^

Jalur Gemilang

Our country will celebrate the 53rd independent day that was started from 31st August 1957. A lot of changes happened in our country and changes of the few Prime Ministers, to the development, the buildings and all sort of things that we cannot even thought 53 years ago. Of course I will never think of it since I had never even born yet that time. If we asked our dear grandparents what do they expected to see today, one of the for sure thing will be to see how free we can walk in our own country without being scared to be killed by enemy army. What we can see from the eyes of the youth today will definitely, independent would be a freedom to do anything we like without been any limit in it. This kinda thought happened cause we had never see the fears that encountered by the elderly before.

As for myself, Independent would definitely an ability for us to freely point out our thought and to live in our country the way we want it to be. I am sure everyone got their own opinion on independent themselves. For the older people, middle age people, youth and kids all got different ways of define the meaning of the country freedom. Likewise, I do not think everyone remember the country independent day if it is not advertise in the media and if you by surprise meet any of them on the road just ask how many years our country had been independent. I am sure some that concern might able to answer but if not never be surprised. Well I do not wanna bluff off to much. Just think for yourself what the meaning of freedom within yourself and country. For sure you will have your own thought of it. Just happy to wish everyone, Happy Independent day to all Malaysian…^^


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