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No Ending

A child sleeping.

Good sleep to gain energy

Life had been so busy lately with works. Only got home to realize that I had spend time for some nice sleep 7-8 hours. 2 months without television at home sure were boring cause I cannot watch any drama or cartoon even though I did not have time for television watching lately. Times sure spend so much with internet and reading online manga even on off days. My PSP sure got abandoned inside my container box since I forgot its existence (only grab once in a while when traveling home by train). My new books collection had reached 6 books untouched with 4 still with plastic wraps. Just got the obsessive to buy books whenever I go to bookstores and online book views cause what I always emphasize to myself is that I need to reward myself with something after a month hard work. Then there are few untouched books on the cupboard line up…hehehe…^^. It just not the bookstores only cause whenever I dropped by at 7 Eleven for something I will surely bought along some new comics I saw. Now I am keep up some money for a new television and cellphone since the old one had already got problems. I had already used it for 2 years plus 2 years my dad used it so it had been 4 years old if it is a living thing…=). I think everyone sure got a way to reward yourself too, am I  right? After a month of hard work it sure satisfied to give our self something in the end of it.




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EffeCt oF NigHt DutY…

Our biological clock will automatically know when is the sleeping time. As if it know when is day and night time. Lately my biological clock had been disturbed due to prolong night duty. Night duty is a peak hour of work that I just cannot refuse for my job cause we always need to be at alert state since this involve with human life. For night duty the hours begin at 9 pm until 7 am. It will be a total of 10 hours of duty. Working during this sleeping hours sure can made some people feel sleepy whenever it reach the 2nd and 3rd night duty. Lack of sleep or inability of their body to adjust to the timing always cause this problem. As for me it is not a major problem since I am always a late night sleeper ever since my school years until now. I will sometimes prefer to work for night duty more than morning duty that I will feel much more sleepy.

Recently we had been assigned for 4 night duties compare to before that was only 2 night duty straight. This cause of action happened since they increase the night duty staff and the lack of staffing lately. Since they start up back with 4 night duties back, I had always been in the 4 night duty roster which I always feel happy about it….hehe…I had done a few times of straight 4 night duty and now it started to show some effect of it.
One of it that I just started to notice recently was :- Continue reading


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